We have all the minimum testing requirements applicable for testing of fasteners. All the equipments are dully calibrated and are traceable to the national accreditation.

Ultrasonic equipment DS-322 Nondestructive Examination (UT)
Magnetizing equipment
(Wet Florocent Bench Type)
Nondestructive Examination (MT)
Magnetizing equipment
(Yoke Type)
Nondestructive Examination (MT)
NITON XL2 800 PMI test
Universal Testing Machine (UTN-400) Tensile test
Extensometer for UTN-400 Tensile test, determination of Rp 0,2%
Compression Testing Machine (CTM-1000) Proof load test
Hardness machine (Bench Type) Hardness test (HRB - HRC)
Hardness machine (Portable) Hardness test (BHN/HRB/HRC/VH)
Alco Meter Coating Thickness
Ring & Plug Gauges Thread Check