1. Sovereignty
We are aware of and bound by our role as decision-makers for our physical environment. As independent consultants, we choose methods, techniques and materials in dialogue with professional partners, but independent of manufacturers' interests.

2. Trustworthiness
With regard to our clients and consultants, our ideas and decisions are well substantiated and documented. Our work is relevant, topical and constructive. We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible psychological and physical conditions at our office.

3. Professionalism
Our work is based on the wish that function, architecture and the construction budget form a synthesis. We quality assure and evaluate our work based on current systems and specialist knowledge within the practice. We engage ourselves actively and constructively - also in one another's work. We strive to increase our effectiveness and productivity through professional development. We are also aware of the importance of synchronizing work and family and recognise the social responsibility of the practice.